McPherson - 3-gratings for an optical spectrum from 8 to 2000 eV

Shallow 1.5 degree grazing incidence angle improves efficiency for high energy photons, wavelengths below 5 nanometers. Instrument now optimal for energies low as 8 eV (150 nanometers wavelength) and high as 2000 eV (0.6 nanometers).

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New Zurich Instruments Arbitrary Waveform Generator 2017-11-01

Zurich Instruments has released a new Arbitrary Waveform Generator for quantum research, spectroscopy applications, and component testing.

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10th Winter School on Quantum Cybersecurity - “The Coming-of-Age of Quantum Cybersecurity 20-26 January 2018

"This year we celebrate the 10th anniversary of our now-famous Winter School. The theme this year is: “The Coming-ofAge of Quantum Cybersecurity”. 2017 has seen a tremendous increase in the interest for quantum solutions to counteract the forthcoming threat of the quantum computer."

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McPherson is pleased to announce improved deep ultaviolet spectrum measurements 2017-September-1

McPherson (Chelmsford MA USA) is pleased to announce improved deep ultaviolet spectrum measurements. Ultraviolet photons are sufficiently energetic to break bonds and reorganize molecules. Making and measuring light below 200nm demands special experimental considerations,it presents unique challenges.

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Zurich instruments has expanded their UHFLI 2017-April-21

Zurich instruments has expanded their UHFLI, a 600 MHz lock-in amplifier and Arbitrary wawe Generator (AWG).

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University of Basel is announcing several PHD Excellence Fellowships

For further information regarding this vacancy, please visit our job classified section

Zurich Instruments and Scribner Associates announce partnership in Impedance Analysis 2017-01-11

Zurich Instruments have further strengthened the MFIA Impedance Analyzer with the addition of a ZView-compatible data output format.

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McPherson is pleased to announce a new vacuum ultraviolet spectral test system 2017-01-10

McPherson (Chelmsford MA USA) is pleased to announce a new vacuum ultraviolet spectral test system VUV-STS.The new system measures reflectance as a function of angle of incidence. It measures optical performance “at wavelength” and can help determine optical constants.

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The MF-PID option has just been added to Zurich Instruments MFLI lock-in amplifier 2017-01-03

Zurich instruments just added the MF-PID option with 4 independent PID (proportional-integral-derivative) controllers to their MFLI, a 500 kHz / 5 MHz lock-in amplifier.

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McPherson New High Brightness Monochromator 2016-11-17

The McPherson Model 207 is the best spectrometer when you need high-brightness over a broad spectral range. It serves from the deep UV, through visible into the long-wave infrared.

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Note from the editors regarding: 15 years later: On the physics of high-rise building collapses

With regard to the publication of the article "15 years later: On the physics of high-rise building collapses", the Editors of Europhysics News have contacted the National Institute of Science and Technology in the USA to share their conclusions. Their summary is provided below:


Zurich Instruments opens China office

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RHK Technology appoints Windsor Scientific Ltd as its Exclusive UK distributor (press release)

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EDP Sciences authors, A. Fert and P. Grünberg, 2007 Nobel Prize in Physics (Oct. 2007)

This year’s Nobel Prize in Physics has been awarded jointly to Albert Fert (Université Paris-Sud, Orsay, France) and Peter Grünberg (Forschungszentrum Jülich, Germany) for their discovery of Giant Magnetoresistance. Applications of this phenomenon have revolutionized techniques for retrieving data from hard disks. The discovery also plays a major role in various magnetic sensors as well as for the development of a new generation of electronics. The use of Giant Magnetoresistance can be regarded as one of the first major applications of nanotechnology. (extracted from Nobel web site)

We are very pleased to present you the list of all articles they both published in EDP Sciences’ journals.

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