Novel high-power microwave generator (Vol. 46 No. 3)

Novel high-power microwave generator
Axial profile of the axisymmetric semi-circular structure to be used as a slow wave structure in backward wave oscillators

A new study explores the viability of a novel structure to be used as a component of a high-power microwave source, designed to transfer energy to targets via ultra-high-frequency radio waves.

High-power microwaves are frequently used in civil and military applications. In a new study the authors demonstrate that their proposed novel method, which is capable of producing such microwaves, offers a viable alternative to traditional approaches.

To generate such high-power microwaves, researchers rely on devices referred to as backward wave oscillators, which are designed to transform the energy of an intense electron beam propagating in a slow electro-dynamic structure—SWS—into electromagnetic radiation at microwave frequencies.

Metallic cylinders with a sinusoidally shaped, periodically corrugated inner wall are being extensively used as SWS. But they are difficult to manufacture. Now, the authors propose an alternative shape of the SWS, in the form of a novel semi-circular structure and prove it is a viable alternative for generating high-power microwaves.

Md. Ghulam Saber, R.Hasan Sagor and Md. Ruhul Amin, Numerical study of the dispersion characteristics of a semi-circularly corrugated slow wave structure, Eur. Phys. J. D 69, 38 (2015)