Avoiding environmental losses in quantum information systems (Vol. 51, No. 5)

Transitioning states in diamond imperfections

Through new techniques for generating ‘exceptional points’ in quantum information systems, researchers have minimised the transitions through which they lose information to their surrounding environments.

Recently, researchers have begun to exploit the effects of quantum mechanics to process information in some fascinating new ways. One of the main challenges faced by these efforts is that systems can easily lose their quantum information as they interact with particles in their surrounding environments.

To understand this behaviour, researchers in the past have used advanced models to observe how systems can spontaneously evolve into different states over time – losing their quantum information in the process. We have discovered how robust initial states can be prepared in quantum information systems, avoiding any unwanted transitions extensive time periods.

R Ramírez, M Reboiro , D Tielas, Exceptional Points from the Hamiltonian of a hybrid physical system: Squeezing and anti-Squeezing, Eur. Phys. J. D 74, 193 (2020)