Microgravity and aqueous wet foams (Vol. 45 No.4)

Foam made in the device elaborated by Astrium for the future foam studies in the ISS.

Foams and foaming processes pose interesting questions for both fundamental research and practical applications. Although foams are a familiar thing, both in our everyday lives and in industry, many aspects of foam physics and chemistry still remain unclear.

This work comprehensively reviews the studies of foams under microgravity, including studies conducted in parabolic flights, in sounding rockets and in the International Space Station.

Experiments on foams performed under microgravity can be extended far beyond the conditions of experiments carried out on Earth. In particular, when gravity is minimized, it is possible to observe the behaviour of wet foams obtained during the foaming process. On Earth, foams at this stage evolve too quickly due to gravity drainage and cannot be studied.

D. Langevin and M. Vignes-Adler, “Microgravity studies of aqueous wet foams”, Eur.Phys. J. E, 37, 16 (2014)